How does "WEIGHTforme" AI work?

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

When it comes to product weight and size - WEIGHTforme will be the fastest and most accurate tool for finding them, but how does it actually works?

"WEIGHTforme" artificial intelligence operations

  • For a very long period of time WEIGHTforme algorithm has built a data base of millions of products' weight and size properties

  • This data base has been connected to a powerful AI that knows to understand the product kind, category and volume and by "learning machine" elements trained itself to be the most Accurate, reliable and fast.

  • When the customers enters product name, the system starts by finding all the relevant connections it has for this products; if it doesn't find a precise enough match it will search by synonyms.

  • After the system has found all the data it has about this product, it will scan for it online for finding the most the best match for online product for the data she has.

  • Finally, after WEIGHTforme AI will fixes the result, the weight and the size of the product will be shown to the customer including a link for checking more properties about the product.

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